“A business without IP protection is like driving without your seatbelt on. You are unnecessarily taking an easily avoidable risk.”  Never has this statement been as relevant as today, especially considering the multiple business uses of technology, the ever expanding industry of fashion and music.

In short, Intellectual Property Law (“IP Law”) plays a pivotal role in protecting trademarks, copyright, trade names, but also plant breeders’ rights and many more. Dillinger has been representing various clients ranging from individuals and start-ups to national and multinational corporations in the field of IP Law. As such, our attorneys are highly experienced in not only litigating, but also advising and commencing opposition procedures before organizations, such as the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Our IP team not only contains highly experienced and specialized attorneys in the field of plant breeders’ rights, but also young lawyers who are up-to-date with hot topics in the field of fashion, sports, entertainment and the music industry. 

To wrap it up, considering our expertise and passion for IP Law, we are more than happy to welcome you in our office at the Keizersgracht, for a no-strings-attached meeting and delicious coffee.


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