The automotive market, especially that of exclusive classic and sports cars, has been going through a spectacular growth on a global level. Today, unique vehicles, with the correct car maintenance history and technical conditions, have become investment-grade assets.  Also, apart from the financial side, the legal risks and issues have become more serious and do need continuous attention. Consultation of an attorney, specialized in this field, becomes more common.

The automotive department of Dillinger has made a clear choice to offer dedicated legal advisory services to this segment, such as automotive sales and purchase contracts, consignment, import/export procedures, tax and financing arrangements, auction assistance, conformity issues (car maintenance history, matching numbers, provenance) and, if needed, litigation to secure the clients rights. In particular, Albert Oegema has extensive expertise, as he has been solely focusing on advising and litigating in this field of law.

Essential to these services is an optimal knowledge and understanding of the exclusive automotive market, its inner circles, rulings and international networks.  The automotive lawyers and advisors at Dillinger offer in-depth experience and expertise and above all, a true automotive heart that will make them go the very last mile to offer the very best service and solution in this very special segment.


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